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illusion museum dubai

The mystery museum in Dubai, the largest branch of its global network, is preparing to welcome visitors, young and young, to astonish them beyond belief to believe it.

The entrance to this unique museum at Al Seef on the banks of the Dubai Creek is like an amazing visual, sensory and educational journey. The museum will have the largest collection of visual tricks compared to other museum branches around the world.

The museum, which contains 80 exhibits of diverse shapes and sizes, promises to take you on an unforgettable visual and sensory journey. Unlike other museums, you can interact with exhibits and take many pictures.

The Mystery, the latest entertainment destination in Dubai, will open on September 12 in the historic Seef area on the banks of the Creek.

The full list of exhibits will remain confidential until officially opened. But some of the exhibits have been disclosed, such as the whirlpool tunnel, a rotary drum deceiving the passerby, evoking the illusion that the floor is not fixed; and the slant deflection room, where visitors appear smaller or larger depending on where they are in the room.


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