Tanoreen Lebanese Restaurant

King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St


A wonderful Lebanese restaurant that serves the most delicious food using fresh ingredients at the hands of the most skilled chefs at medium prices that suit everyone. cold appetizers Hummus and beans Hummus with meat and nuts Hummus Fatteh rosary Bean mini falafel Stuffed Falafel Cheese stuffed falafel Eggplant Mutabbal Baba Ghanoush with pomegranate molasses Fattoush with sumac tabbouleh hot appetizers Fried Kibbeh Crisp French fries with cheddar cheese Potato Wedges Spicy Cheetos French Fries Halloumi cheese in the oven sandwiches Falafel sandwich Fried vegetable sandwich bean sandwich Arabic kebab sandwich Arabic tikka sandwich Arabic Shish Tawook Sandwich burger Oven dishes the pizza pasta Calzone Barbecue pottery manakish Tannourine Manakish baked goods the authorities sweets cold drinks hot drinks


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