Noon & Kabab

Sheikh Zayed Rd


Noon and Kebab Restaurant is one of the best grilled restaurants in the UAE. The place is clean and tidy, the service is excellent, and it offers a variety of delicious meals that satisfy everyone. The prices are reasonable in relation to the quality and quantity. Among the most delicious foods offered: Mutton Kebideh (Lari - Sultani - Reesh Kebab - Barak) Chicken kebab (chicken kobideh - joujeh - spicy joujeh - grilled chicken - joujeh masti) Seafood (Grilled Salmon) Mix kebab (Mixed kebab platter - Bakhatiri) Kebab dishes (Kubeida family chicken platter - Lari platter - Mix family chicken platter - Mix family meat platter - Kobeida lamb meat platter - N&K family meal) Salad and appetizers (French fries - Hummus - Mast Khair - Shirazi salad - grape leaves - tabbouleh) Drinks - rice - juices


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