Emirates Sea Restaurant

Al Cornich


Seafood of all kinds Shrimp Seafood soup chicken soup Lentil soup Appetizer dish Fish fillet Mushroom pepper Fried chicken with rusk Lolly Chicken Shrimp Oyster with sauce Tikka fish Grilled squid Iranian kebab Larry's chicken Juhaya Kebab Indian grills Coal furnace Fresh Indian bread Indian seafood Lobster in Masala Squid with masala Fish kanad with masala Fish with masala Indian vegetables Yellow lentils Indian rice Lamb Biryani Fish Biryani Handy meat Curry meat Haider Abadi Chicken Dill Chicken Oysters in the oven Roast oysters China Rice Manchurian Shrimp Fish fried with pepper Rice and pasta Thai dishes Serve a Chinese with vegetables Rice with shrimp Soups Dairy products


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