Tourism Security Department



Maintaining the security and safety of tour groups throughout the tourism process. Carry out patrols in tourist and archaeological areas and hotels through fixed jobs and foot patrols. Monitor the performance of tourism activities and their compliance with legislation, control violations and take necessary measures. Receive complaints and observations from tourists and workers in the tourism sector and deal with them in coordination with the concerned parties in accordance with the legislation. Providing the necessary facilities for the official delegations during their visit to the archaeological and tourist sites. Coordinate with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the private tourism sector, through the liaison office, regarding joint actions related to the tourism process. Issuing orders and instructions related to the security of tourists and tourist sites in the Kingdom in coordination with the Directorate of Public Security. Prepare reports and statistics related to tourism activities and incidents and submit them to the competent authorities. Coordinating with the competent regional security leaders and managing foreign patrols on guarding tourist groups and allocating mechanisms to accompany them if necessary.


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