Stay & Play

Jebel Ali Village - Festival Plaza


Toys Store Fun For Kids And A Break For Parents Parents can happily leave their little ones with our caring, experienced and fully trained team to go shopping, for a bite to eat, or to simply take a break. Sometimes we need to do things that are more convenient without our children – such as visiting the beauty salon or just a little bit me time! For children who’ve started nursery school part time, maybe a couple of mornings a week and love to fill their time with extra activity our crèche facilities at 6 locations across Dubai are ideal. And for youngsters who aren’t quite old enough for dedicated after school activities but would love to run off some steam whenever they feel like it, Stay and Play has the answer. We also welcome children whose parents are working full time and are cared for by your own nannies. A visit to Stay and Play as a morning or afternoon activity is a great way to break up the day and encourage children to become more sociable and confident with others.


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