Beirut Khanum

The Palace Hotel - Burj Khalifa


A Lebanese food restaurant that offers professional service and delicious Lebanese dishes using the best fresh ingredients at the hands of the most skilled chefs, which makes it one of the best options in this place, as it is the first destination to spend an enjoyable time with family and friends, where the session overlooks the fountain, and the dishes it offers: Soups (lentil soup - mushroom soup - corn soup - chicken soup) Cold appetizers (fattoush - tabbouleh - Arabic salad - Greek salad - arugula salad - yogurt with cucumber - hummus - Beiruti hummus - mutabal - vine leaves - mixed appetizer plate Labneh with Garlic Hot appetizers (hummus with fresh meat - fried kibbeh - mashed chicken liver - spicy potatoes - hummus with chicken - french fries) Grills (Karm Beirut grill plate - fresh mixed grills - shish tawook plate - chicken kebab plate - fresh meat tikka plate - fresh meat kebab plate - poppy meat kebab plate - fresh meat arayes plate - half grilled chicken - charcoal grilled chicken - wings plate Grilled - Wings Platter Matted With Garlic - Shish Tawook Platter Matted With Garlic - Chicken Arayes Platter) Features (chicken fajita - grilled sandwich - chicken kebab sandwich - shish tawook sandwich - fresh meat kebab sandwich - fresh meat tikka sandwich) Sandwiches (chicken liver sandwich - falafel sandwich - fajita in french bread) Cold Drinks - Hot Drinks


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