Koshari Station

Shaikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Street


One of the best koshary restaurants in the UAE, under the supervision of Egyptian hands, using the best fresh ingredients used. The place is very clean, the service is great, and the quality level is excellent, at average prices that suit all family members. Among the most delicious dishes that are offered: Minced Meat Koshary With Bolognese Sauce Sausage Koshary tuna koshary with lemon sauce Mini Koshary original koshary Chicken fajita koshari with pesto sauce Koshari Meat Fajita With Mushroom Sauce Shrimp Koshary with Alfredo Sauce Kenoda salad with date vinegar Beetroot salad with pomegranate molasses Lentil salad drinks at night Roselle Sobia homs sham Candy Rice pudding with pistachio labban date pudding Sweet potato with cream Additions Koshary Light


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