Alqersh restaurant seafood



One of the best Egyptian restaurants that offer fresh seafood at reasonable prices that suit everyone. It is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in the UAE in terms of taste, cleanliness and quality. Among the most delicious dishes that are offered: sea ​​bass Shark soup seafood Sayadiyah Seafood Rice maghboos as naad Shark Meal Seafood Buckets Seafood package with special sauce for two people Seafood packet with special sauce for 3 Seafood packet with special sauce for one person chicken meals Charcoal grilled chicken with salad and fries Charcoal grilled chicken with rice Grilled chicken tray with salad and rice for 6 persons Charcoal grilled chicken tray with rice and salad for 10 persons Cold Appetizers - Hot Appetizers Dynamite shrimp - Molokhia with shrimp - shark soup seafood - seafood soup - shrimp soup Max tray - traditional food - fresh fish - fajita - tagine - traditional food Pasta (Seafood Spaghetti Pasta - Seafood Oven Pasta - Pena Seafood Pasta)


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