Al-Maki is an Egyptian restaurant that serves delicious Egyptian sweets, the taste is excellent, using high-quality products, the place is very clean, the workers in it are top-notch, and it is characterized by the speed of implementing orders, and the prices are average and accessible to everyone, from the foods it offers: Pumpkin (plain - nuts - cream - ghost) Caramel cream (plain - crispy - banana and sauce) Ice cream (plain bowl - ice fruit bowl - large cream nuts - ghost) Milkshakes (Vanilla - Chocolate - Strawberry - Snickers - Kitkat - Galaxy - Kinder - Nutella - Oreo) Couscous / Balila (plain nuts - konafa - cream - nuts and cream) Rice with coffee - pudding (plain ice cream - konafa - basbousa - crispy - nuts and honey - cream - cream with honey - malki) Umm Ali (plain - nuts) Jelly (plain - fruit - ice fruit)


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