Awani Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant that offers a variety of delicious Levantine dishes that win the admiration of everyone using fresh ingredients at the hands of the most skilled chefs at medium prices commensurate with the quantity and quality of the food provided. The place has a beautiful view of the Jumeirah beach and is suitable for all family members. : Appetizers (hummus - mutabal - shirazi salad - yoghurt with cucumber - tabbouleh - mixed salad - french fries - fattoush) Combo Meals (Delicious combo meal) Main Dishes ( Jojia Masti Meal Plate - Tikka Masti Plate - Poo Ba Plate - Mixed Meat Plate - Mixed Chicken Plate - Charcoal Grilled Chicken Plate) Meals (Family Meal - Economy Mix Meal - Economic Kebab Meal - Saving Meal) Hot appetizers - French fries - falafel plate - foul plate - hummus with meat Sandwiches (falafel saj sandwich - Arabic falafel sandwich - shish tawook sandwich - meat kofta sandwich - chicken kofta sandwich - chicken shawarma sandwich - chicken shawarma sandwich - chicken shawarma sandwich with cheese - Arabic chicken shawarma sandwich Drinks and desserts


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