Sham Al Eiz Cafeteria & Grills

Green Market


A wonderful Lebanese restaurant that offers a variety of delicious Levantine dishes that are distinguished by their fresh ingredients and average prices. The decor is inspired by the authentic Lebanese heritage. The place is suitable for all family members. It is also distinguished by the good reception of guests and the wonderful treatment by the staff. Among the most delicious dishes that are served: Sandwiches (chicken shawarma sandwich - chicken shawarma meal - chicken shawarma fattah - meat shawarma sandwich - coleslaw salad) Western sandwiches (shish tawook - chicken fajita - meat fajita - mexican sandwich - francesco sandwich - chicken zinger sandwich - scallop sandwich - chicken roll sandwich) Broasted Chicken (Dalabes Meal - Broasted Chicken) Meals (Mix Shawarma - Mix Shawarma with Cheese - Meat Shawarma with Cheese - Chicken Shawarma with Mozzarella Cheese - Crispy Chicken - Chicken Roll - Shish Tawook) Mixed grills (grilled chicken with rice - all kinds of hip, half chicken and grilled breast) Orders per kilo (beef shawarma - chicken shawarma) Fattah items |( Mix Shawarma Fattah - Beef Shawarma - Meat Shawarma with Cheese - Chicken Shawarma Fattah - Chicken Shawarma Fattah) Side dishes (tahini salad - garlic dip - green salad - fattoush - tabbouleh - coleslaw salad - pickles - cheesy fries - mozzarella sticks - cheddar cheese sauce) Desserts (Kunafa with cheese on charcoal) In addition to hot and cold drinks


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