karam beirut

Dubai Mall


Karam Beirut Restaurant is one of the best restaurants preferred by the locals in the area, as it serves the most delicious Lebanese food in professional ways using the freshest and most delicious ingredients at the hands of the most skilled chefs to reach high quality at medium prices that suit everyone. : Family Appetizers (Family Hummus - Family Mutabbal - Family Tabbouleh - Family Fattoush - Family Baba Ghanoush) breakfast Vegetable samosa - cheese samosa plate - egg sandwich - fried vegetable sandwich - kraft with honey - thyme manakeesh) Appetizers (chicken fajita platter - potato with cheese - french fries - vine leaves - hummus Beiruti - hummus with chicken shawerma - hummus with meat shawerma - hummus with hot sauce - hummus with beetroot - beetroot moutabal - fried kibbeh with pine nuts - meat fajita dish - escalope Chicken - Sajia Kibbeh - Muttabal - Baba Ghanoush - Hummus with Meat) Soups and salads (lentil soup - tabbouleh salad - Arabic salad - arugula salad - mix appetizers Karam Beirut - arugula salad with avocado - beetroot salad with corn - avocado salad with arugula family - family caesar salad - family greek salad - greek salad - cheese salad Grilled halloumi - caesar salad with grilled chicken - fattoush salad Sandwiches (chicken shawarma - Arabic meat shawarma plate - super Arabic meat shawarma plate - tikka meat sandwich - double tikka meat sandwich - diet meat shawarma - chicken fajita sandwich - meat fajita sandwich - family match combo - chicken shawarma saj - mixed falafel and vegetables - plate Arabic Super Chicken Shawarma - Saj Meat Shawarma - Meat Shawarma - Shish Tawook Sandwich - Double Shish Tawook Sandwich - Double Kebab Sandwich - Beef Burger - Arabic Chicken Shawarma Plate - Karam Beirut Meat Shawarma Sandwich - Karam Beirut Chicken Shawarma - Karam Beirut Meat Shawarma - Shawarma Turkish meat - Turkish meat shawarma Saj - Karam Beirut chicken shawarma - sandwich - kebab sandwich - falafel sandwich - grilled chicken burger meal - grilled meat burger meal - grilled chicken burger) Grilled dishes (lamb chops platter - mixed grill platter Karam Beirut Beef Tikka Platter Mutton Tikka Platter Grilled Shrimp - Grilled Wings Platter Orfali Kebab Platter Halabi Kebab Khakhkhash Kebab Platter Pringal Kebab Grilled Breast Meal Chicken Makena - Shish Tawook Platter - Sheari Fish - Half Grilled Chicken - Grilled Turkish Chicken - Half Grilled Turkish Chicken - Whole Boneless Grilled Chicken - Half Grilled Boneless Chicken - Arayes Mariah Platter - Arayes Tochka Platter - Grilled Supreme Fish - Shish Tawook with Yogurt Platter - Chicken Grilled Whole - Hammour Grilled Fillet) Rice meals - fresh juices - drinks


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