Al Aumdah Restaurant

Al Mamzar Building


A popular Egyptian restaurant that offers delicious meals at good prices that suit everyone. The place is clean, the standard of food is good, and the staff are friendly. It has excellent outdoor seating, suitable for children and all family members. Egyptian restaurant Pizza pancakes sweets Additions Pasta Koushari cold drinks hot drinks fresh juice bean dish falafel plate Plain hummus platter Alexandrian Liver Dish Macaroni Bechamel Meat Pasta Casserole Meat pasta Plain Koshary Dish okra with meat Meat fries Banana Fattah Molokhia with Meat peas/beans/beans Mix Fatayer Pizza Mix Grill Egyptian Kofta Plain yoghurt rice Rice pudding, cream and honey Rice pudding with nuts pudding pudding with nuts Ali `s mother Hawawshi Hot and cold drinks


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