Beyrock Restaurant and Café

Port Saeed


B Rock Restaurant is one of the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai The food is very tasty and interesting, everything is served hot and fresh, I loved the theme of the menu they put in and it was like a passport and they have many different types of dishes. The staff is very polite and friendly, the place is clean and comfortable, they take precautions too Have you ever had the longest manakish? Bayrouk presents "The Longest Manakish In The United Arab Emirates" which also appeared in Khaleej Times! Had I tried the smaller version available (which wasn't too small either) pretty cool. Shisha restaurant and cafe, they also have a wide range of menus and drinks that they offer. Perfect for hookah lovers, there is an outdoor seating area where you can relax. Dishes (Lebanese tawook plate - whole grilled chicken - chicken biryani - whole chicken with rice) Sandwiches (falafel - Lebanese chicken - Francisco - Philadelphia meat - Poe Boy Zubian - chicken and meal with dough - meat and cheese with dough) Pizza (Margherita - Vegetables - Chicken - Tuna - Pepperoni - Hawaiian - Turkey - Seafood - Supreme) Burger (chicken - meat - lebanese meat - lebanese meat burger with eggs) Shawarma (chicken shawarma large and small - meat shawarma large and small - chicken shawarma plate - meat shawarma plate - large and small Lebanese chicken shawarma) Morning breakfast (Eggs with eyes - Fava beans - Egg omelette - Turkey and cheese roll - English breakfast) Manakeesh (zaatar - akkawi - akkawi and thyme - labneh and thyme - meat with dough - turkey with cheese - eggs with cheese - spinach - labneh with vegetables - meat pie - shamieh plate - manakeesh)


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