Dunia Al Sham Restaurant

Wasit St


A wonderful Shami restaurant that offers a variety of fresh Lebanese dishes that impress everyone at medium prices suitable for all family members. Appetizers (Tabouleh - Fattoush - Vine Leaves) Chicken pies (chicken pie - chicken and cheese pie - spicy chicken pie - chicken mayonnaise pie) Spicy pies (Spicy pie - Spicy cheese pie - Spicy meat pie - Spicy thyme pie - Spicy chicken pie - Muttawa Chata pie) Kashkaval (Kashkawan with sesame - Kashkaval with olives - Kashkaval with thyme - Spicy Kashkaval - Kashkaval with vegetables - Kashkaval with mortadella) Spinach (spinach with sesame - spinach with labneh - spicy spinach - spinach with cheese - spinach with labneh spicy - spinach with cheese spicy) Akkawi cheese (Akkawi cheese - Akkawi with olives - Spicy Akkawi - Akkawi with vegetables - Akkawi Baraka with sesame - Akkawi with eggs) Zaatar manakeesh (zaatar man'oucheh - spicy zaatar man'oucheh - zaatar man'oucheh with vegetables - kashkashwan man'oucheh with thyme - zaatar manakeesh with akkawi) Meat Manakeesh (Meat Manoushe - Meat and Potato Manoushe - Meat and Cheese Manoushe - Spicy Meat Manoushe - Pomegranate Meat Manoushe) Labneh Pie (Whole Labneh with Vegetables Pie - Labneh with Vegetables Pie - Labneh with Thyme - Labneh with Olives - Labneh with Honey Pie - Labneh with Falafel Pie - Labneh and Mint Pie - Labneh and Cucumber Pie) Pizza (vegetable pizza - meat pizza - chicken pizza - sausage pizza - margherita pizza - tuna pizza - mix pizza) Egg Manakeesh (Egg Manoucheh - Egg and Tomato Manoushe - Egg and Cheese Manoushe - Egg and Mortadella Manoushe) Mortadella (mortadella - mortadella with cheese - spicy mortadella - mortadella with olives - mortadella with eggs - mortadella mix) Kraft pies (Kraft pie - Kraft olive pie - Kraft thyme pie - Kraft tomato pie - Kraft mortadella pie - Chicken kraft pie - Kraft meat pie - honey and kraft pie) Sausage pies (sausage pie - sausage pie with cheese - sausage pie with olives - spicy sausage pie) Mix pies (mix cheese pie - mix meat pie - mix chicken pie - mix mortadella pie - mix sausage pie - mix spicy pie - mix zaatar pie - mix bean pie - mix falafel pie - mix spinach pie - mix potato pie - small pizza) Tuna pies (spicy tuna pie - tuna pie with olives - tuna pie with kraft - Tuna pie with vegetables - Bean pies - Bean pie with tomato - Bean pie with labneh - Spicy bean pie - Olive pies - Donia Al Sham pie Potatoes (potato - potato with cheese - potato with meat - spicy potato) Nutella pies (Nutella and sesame pie - Nutella and banana pie)


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