The first floating kitchen in the world

Dubai Jumairah Jumeirah Beach


The first floating kitchen in the world

AquaBood, the world first floating and sustainable platform to deliver and take food orders anchored over Dubai lakes

The Salt Bay Restaurant serves burgers and hot dogs for yacht and shipwrecks in the middle of the sea, and cooks on board the Aqua Aqua truck entirely, becoming the first floating kitchen in the world.

The idea of ​​the patented platform was conceived by Ahmed Yousif, 27, the founder of Aquatic Architect Design Studio (AADS) and creator of AquaBood, and has won several awards.

AquaBood has revolutionary engineering specifications that meet sustainability requirements and are in line with the environmental standards of green development in the UAE. One of its most prominent features is that the floating platform acts as a motor that picks up floating garbage and places it in a store inside the structure, like a sewage system to clean the sea. Based on electric power, Aqua Boud cleans and desalinates sea water and transforms it into potable water on board without compromising the marine environment.

The first Aqua Aqua was launched as Salt Bay, and will offer a diverse and innovative menu of burgers. The
 Salt Bay concept is the result of collaboration with successful entrepreneur Qusay Kerbaj and Salt Bay is the first AquaBud development project to be seen floating above the surface of the UAE seafarers and undoubtedly serves new categories of shoppers at sea.


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