Sir Bani Yas Island Reserve

Abu Dhabi Bani Yas Sir Bani Yas Island Reserve


The most important nature reserves in the UAE in detail

The United Arab Emirates is rich in biological diversity, distributed over all its regions, where it is spread over an important vegetation cover despite high temperatures. However, the development of the economic and industrial pattern in the Middle East and the UAE in particular has threatened this national wealth and the protection of endangered animals. The supervisory authority of the seventies of the last century A number of preventive measures aimed at providing a special home for them, so that future generations will see the Arab purity or the lizard of the tailspin, especially after the inclusion of many items under the UNESCO regulations as a global wealth and not left from the home of non-UAE. In this context, a significant number of nature reserves have been concentrated in accordance with international standards, including:

Sir Bani Yas Island Reserve

This island was chosen because it is the largest area among the Emirates islands and because it is characterized by a mild climate and vegetation cover that facilitates the adaptation of animals coming from other areas to protect them. The reserve was established in 1971 by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The reserve includes thousands of species threatened with extinction, such as the Arabian and giraffes, and the recently acquired cheetah and tigers have contributed to the regions biodiversity. For birds, the island has become a transit station that attracts migratory birds and a safe habitat for seabirds feeding on the edge of the island. There are several varieties of chickens and ostriches that are well cared for and live in the reserve.


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