Islamic Mirage Museum

Dubai Umm Suqeim 582 Jumeira Beach Rd,Umm Suqeim 1


Islamic Mirage Museum

This museum-like center offers a collection of unique Islamic art pieces collected from various parts of the Muslim world such as Egypt, Syria, Iran, India, Iraq, Kashmir and Russia. The works range from carpets decorated with pictures or a jeweled restaurant, hand-woven with great care, silk textiles, jewelry, marble pieces, colors engraved with Arabic script, and miniature paintings. The staff of the center puts their expertise at the disposal of visitors, providing them with information on the history of the pieces and their origins, and the technical methods used in making them.

The Mirage Center provides guests with a free shuttle service to and from the hotel where they live, and offers refreshments, Arabic coffee (halal) and dates for groups of over 50 visitors.

Located just 500 meters from the legendary Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and a stunning world-class museum, this landmark 100,000 square meter hotel, opposite the Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi, features a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Emirates Palace and the Arabian Gulf. They are open daily from 09:00 until 19:00 and access is free.


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