City of Liwa

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City of Liwa

Located in the heart of the Dhafra area, Liwa is located in the heart of Al Dhafra and is known as the original Bedouin fortress. The fortress of the brave Emirati is a magnificent oasis of goodness, generosity and nobility. The refuge of the sons of Abu Dhabi was in the past and their fortified fortress was not an enemy,

Where originality is found, and the nostalgia of the past is strongly entrenched, and it receives special attention from the wise leadership.

The Liwa Oasis is one of the most important desert oases. It has an important strategic location, from which it can turn to any northern emirate or neighboring countries,

 Therefore, the convoys of convoys coming from the south and east of the UAE, heading north or west or south, and those crossing to the Arabian Peninsula.


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