An authentic Egyptian restaurant that serves authentic food with a homely taste, the service is excellent, the staff is cooperative, the place is very clean, and the ingredients are of high quality. Among the most delicious foods offered: salads Fattoush tabbouleh Arabic salad Arugula salad Mahashi with meat Grape leaves with meat Grape Leaves With Meat Chops Zucchini stuffed with meat Stuffed eggplant with meat Stuffed Meat Rolled Stuffed Mix Meat Extra Mix Stuffed With Meat Mahashi with vegetables Grape leaves with yogurt Grape leaves with yogurt Yalanji grape leaves Spicy grape leaves Yalanji is a problem Vine leaves with olive oil and lemon Rice and vegetables Wrapped with red sauce rice and dill home food Upturned Meat Maqluba Sheikh Al-Mahshi Shish Barak Labaneh Kibbeh Kofta with Tahina Kofta with tomato Shish and fries sheep liver sausage Chicken Molokhia Macaroni Bechamel Oven chicken chicken freekeh Meat Freekeh Chicken Biryani Meat Biryani Koushari Hot and cold drinks and desserts


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