al areash pastry

Abu Dhabi Al Khalidiyah sham street


A wonderful Egyptian restaurant that offers a variety of pies and delicious pastries, and the most delicious pies are offered: Fatayer (Sausage Pie - Sausage and Egg Pie - Mix Cheese Pie - Pastrami Pie - Romi Pastrami with Eggs - Meshaltet Fasting Pie with Olives) Different kinds of pizza Cheese and thyme pastries - Shami meat pastries - Foul pastries - Chicken pastries - Falafel pastries - Spinach pastries - Muhammarah cheese pastries - Kraft meat pastries) Manakeesh (Cheese and Thyme - Shami Meat Manakeesh - Bean Manoushe - Chicken Manoushe - Falafel Manoushe - Spinach Manoucheh - Muhammara Cheese Manoucheh - Kraft Meat Manoushe) Cheese pies - other pies - savory pies - sweet pies Drinks


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