Khor Kalbaa Nature Reserve Sharjah

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Khor Kalbaa Nature Reserve Sharjah

It is a semi-forest, or it can be called a forest. It is a Crimean sanctuary in the city of Kalba, one of the oldest and largest natural green sites on the east coast of the UAE.

It is home to many endangered birds, such as the heron and the white hump, which host their eggs in the 1230-hectare protected trees. They are characterized by dense, high trees, about 8 meters high and are mainly water-resistant trees. Thanks to the roots that act as a saltwater filter.

This quiet, beautiful area filled with green plants and shrunken trees is a wonderful backdrop to the large rocks and cliffs of the Hajar Mountains; the purple and clear natural waters of the Khor Kalba (the Crimea), which is an invaluable natural treasure.


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